Privacy Policy

Your personal and private data is kept absolutely private. I will not share it with any third parties. This site uses a service which helps me to understand our visitors; for example, how visitors find our website, how long they spend on our site, which web pages they are most interested in etc. This gives a better understanding of how visitors are interacting with the website and helps to improve the content, design and functionality of the site. This allows me to offer a better online experience to my visitors. I use cookies to collect data on visitors and visitor activity on my website. This data includes: Time and date of visit (this can help me to identify and plan for busy periods on our website), IP address (this is a numerical label assigned to a device by an internet service provider to enable the device to access the internet), browser and operating System (this can help us to make sure that our website functions correctly in the browsers/operating systems used to access the site), device Information e.g. device type and screen size (this can help make sure that the website functions correctly in the devices used to access the site), referring data e.g. a search engine link (this can help to understand which search engines are helping visitors to find the website). When you visit my website a cookie (called "is unique") may be placed in your browser. This cookie is used only to determine whether you are a first-time or returning visitor and to estimate unique visits to the site.